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My work at World Taekwondo Federation


George Lepine speaking !

Many of you, readers of my blog, asked me what I do for a living.
As you may know I’m manager of the London Branch of World Taekwondo Federation.

Taekwondo George Lepine

What do I do every day you may ask.

Our job is to promote Taekwondo and sports in general all over the world and by all kinds of means.
Also, we gather all the countries federation to follow same rules and same activities.
That way, Taekwondo becomes universal and stay the same everywhere on the world.

I love this job, because it combines my life and my passion !
You guys should really find the “little something” that drives you ahead.

Taekwondo leads the way !


Remember when me, George Lepine, told you that my life is all about Taekwondo ?

I have a great news to announce you today !
I finally decided to take in a student and teach her, (yes you heard it, HER !) everything I know about martial arts and combat.

There she is, beautiful as a rose, deadly as a snake.

george lepine taekwondo

She’s already very strong in my opinion. She could really get better than me but she needs time.
Taekwondo needs years, decades to be mastered.
There is so much to be taught and yet so short time to do it, here is a list of what I planned to teach her :

– Techniques and history of taekwondo
– Stretching
– Self-defense techniques
– Meditation exercises such as breathing control and emotion control
– Throwing techniques
– Breaking techniques of items like bricks, tiles, and blocks.

Learn to master your inner force.


All that matters in life is your self-control.
You should always avoid any conflict, and make your wishes happen.
Why ? Because that’s the way life works. When you fall, you have to get back on your feet and carry on.
No matter what hurt you, counter striking is not the answer.
It will result in a bad infinite loop of vengeance and hatred.


There are many techniques to master yourself.
– Channeling your hatred towards something which can’t be hurt and can’t hurt you, like bubble paper, pillows.
– Learn a martial art to peace your mind such as Taekwondo, Karate, KungFu.
– When you’re being targeted by insults and mean speeches, always think of the target is not you but someone else.

George Lepine Taekwondo

Your journey is only beginning…
And George Lepine may be your spiritual guide.

My truly passion for taekwondo


My Passion !

Today I wanna speak about my dear passion, Taekwondo !
It’s all about manly kicks and punches and inner strengh.

Taekwondo George Lepine

Taekwondo can get you a job, a girl and out of any troubles. I’m training hard every single day and have come to an almost perfect shape.
Rule Taekwondo and you’ll rule the world around you.


You guys gotta try this out.
Here’s a map of nearest Taekwondo clubs.

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My Life : An everlasting fight


Hey ! My name is George Lepine.
I would like to dedicate this blog to my life and my love : Taekwondo.
You may not know me but I know my fans and I want the best for you all.
I think these words can sum up life :

Love your friends, love your family
Hate your neighbour, hate your boss
Work hard, work long
Play for fun play for life

George Lepine

And remember my final wise words

George Lepine

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