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Learn to master your inner force.


All that matters in life is your self-control.
You should always avoid any conflict, and make your wishes happen.
Why ? Because that’s the way life works. When you fall, you have to get back on your feet and carry on.
No matter what hurt you, counter striking is not the answer.
It will result in a bad infinite loop of vengeance and hatred.


There are many techniques to master yourself.
– Channeling your hatred towards something which can’t be hurt and can’t hurt you, like bubble paper, pillows.
– Learn a martial art to peace your mind such as Taekwondo, Karate, KungFu.
– When you’re being targeted by insults and mean speeches, always think of the target is not you but someone else.

George Lepine Taekwondo

Your journey is only beginning…
And George Lepine may be your spiritual guide.

Taekwondo training playlist


I always think that rhythm of music can stimulate you properly while training.

Kicks and punches are so exhausting, you gotta have something that can help you focus and forget fatigue.

These are some music I’m listening at the moment. Check it out.

That’s what your dear George Lepine like !

My truly passion for taekwondo


My Passion !

Today I wanna speak about my dear passion, Taekwondo !
It’s all about manly kicks and punches and inner strengh.

Taekwondo George Lepine

Taekwondo can get you a job, a girl and out of any troubles. I’m training hard every single day and have come to an almost perfect shape.
Rule Taekwondo and you’ll rule the world around you.


You guys gotta try this out.
Here’s a map of nearest Taekwondo clubs.

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